11/19/2014 -Salesforce1 Tour New York- Staffed the Admin Hero booth & presented in the Admin Theater on how to study for your SFDC Certifications.

11/11/2014 - Presented "How to find Answers to your Salesforce.com Questions" to the NJ User Group.

10/13/2014- Dreamforce '14- Conducted a theater session on "How to Study for your Salesforce.com Certifications and recorded a live yappexchange podcast in the Admin Zone.

11/22/2013- Panelist on the DreamForce '13 Answers Live- Nonprofit HUBThis session was also featured on the following blog: Your Salesforce Questions Answered by Salesforce MVP's

11/19/2013- Dreamforce '13- Conducted a Community theater session on how to study for your Salesforce.com Certifications.


10/28/2013- Interview for "Technologically Challenged" Blog